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So you're thinking of adding a Cane Corso to your family. Why choose StoneHeart Cane Corso?


Health. Temperament. Conformation. Performance. 


Here at StoneHeart Cane Corso's we strive to hit those 4 important factors. True to its name, the Corso is a protective and loyal dog who, with the right socialization, makes a wonderful family dog. As such, we invest much time and effort in our breeding as we match the right male with the right female. All our breeding dogs are health tested and temperament tested.


Each of our dogs at StoneHeart Cane Corso's are proven in the conformation ring along with the performance ring. This includes therapy work, protection work, showing, agility, obedience, weight pulling and more.​​


Our dogs are part of our family and share our everyday lives and daily activities

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