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What to expect when buying a StoneHeart Cane Corso Puppy

At StoneHeart we know that you are looking for a healthy puppy, with great temperament that is a true Italian Cane Corso. We advise you to ask the following 3 questions ANY breeder you contact:


Is my puppy coming from health-tested parents?  The health of the parents of the litter will determine to greater extent the health of your puppy. Always ask the breeder if the Sire and Dam are health tested. At StoneHeart we only breed dogs that have been health tested. Standard tests normally include: hips, elbows, heart and thyroid (for females). You can see the results of the health tests of our breeding dogs on our website. In addition we will give you 26 months of health guarantee on your puppy.


Is my puppy going to have a good temperament? The temperament of the puppy is determined by two important factors. The first is genetic and is related to the temperament of the parents. Ask the breeder if the parents have any temperament testing done, such as - CGC, TDI, ATTS. The breeding dogs at StoneHeart are all temperament tested which is an indication to their great temperament. 

The second factor reflects the puppy is training and socialization. At StoneHeart we guide our owners with proper training and socialization. 


Is my puppy a true Italian Cane Corso??? The Cane Corso is an Italian Breed. You should ask any breeder about the pedigree of the Sire and Dam of the litter. The breeder should be able to show you the Italian origin of the parents. If the breeder cannot do that - you are NOT getting a true Italian Cane Corso. At StoneHeart you can see the pedigree of each of our dogs on our website. You can trace ANY of our dogs back to the first documented Corso's in Italy. Our dogs pedigrees include some of the leading Corso's in the WORLD from the best kennels in Europe.


Finally, we know that you are looking forward to enjoy your time with your new member of your family. For that reason, we have developed a "Worry Free" package that will enable you to do that from the moment you and your new puppy get home.

The items below are ALL included in our price with no additional cost, so you can focus on the most important thing - your new puppy!

Our Price is $2400-$2800 and includes all of the following
Worry Free - Health

Tail docking & dew claws removed by vet


Puppy's personal information folder

First visit to vet and first set of shots

Worry Free - Support and Guarantee

26 months of health guarantee for genetic issues (subject to our contract)

Support and guidance for life

Worry Free- Welcome Home Kit

Free puppy collar

Free high premium bag of puppy food

Surprise gift from StoneHeart

Coat, digest and joint supplements

Optional - Not included in our price

Ear cropping is available for extra charge

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